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I remember my first day in my new office in New Zealand, and far ffrom the previous office whihc reminded me of something from Life on Mars (as in looking like it was from many years ago) this place was high tech! I turned up after a visit to the UK got a pass from reception and found my desk in a bewildered haze. I unpacked all my boxes and made sure my stationery looked OK. I had a cupboard at my desk with sliding doors with magnets and I printed off a map of NZ so I could make travel plans.

My desk was seriously tidy and I made sure everything I had was easy to find, records wise. I also had to put a load of files in one of the filing cabinets. I made sure the lot was clean and tidy and made sure all the electronic files actually made sense, had a naming convention and when I was asked for information I could go straight in and get it. It was a very cool thing, being able to provide audit information the quickest and it became my big goal of the time.

And there were the recruitment consultants who I went to coffee with, back in the days when I could drink coffee. There was a cafe around the corner, the Epsilon cafe, and I loved their soya lattes. There was a very cheeful staff member there who I think was the owner - I was more than a bit sad to find out he'd passed on. He was always really cheerful and made me smile even if I was feeling a bit crappy. I quite liked meeting with the consultants - it was great chatting about what was needed/wanted/required and being able to take charge of the situaiton. Plus getting out of the office was good...


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