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I remember one moring I had a meeting sprung on me at a venue across the road. I was feeling really tired at the time and wondered if I was being watched as I tried ot stop myself falling asleep. Sure enough, I was!! I kept my eyes open through all of it but fidgeted and tried my best to look alert. I remember a bit of it as it was all about restructuring and a lot of other things. But mostly I remember trying not to fall asleep!

I also remember, thinking of early mornings when my partner at the time would drop me off at my work place an hour early and I'd take the chance to phone my parents having found a meeting room to use. It would have been 7pm UK time so not too bad... Bit of a shame that dalliance ended the way it did - on not so nice terms at all. I was able to head off for a bit and came back refreshed and changed things so that rather than singing as I had done in my NZ adventure part 1 I was focussing on dancing. That was damn cool. Still kept up with my singing lessons though.

Another random thing I remeber is topping my Snapper card up at the railway station. In Wellington, you have to touch in and touch out on the bus as there are a few different zones. That really confused me when I got to the UK and tried to use Oyster cards....!!


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