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I remember having to fax my timesheets off and going to the ground floor to do it. There was an electronic fax system but I could never quite get it right - the only place I have ever been able to do that is in a UK temping job and now I still can't remember how you do it!). It was always good chatting with the receptionists and one of the conference maintenence people.

Actually, the conference area was cool, with its company branded mugs, crockery and fridges. And the high tech whiteboards where you could write on, electronically, anyting you needed on the screen... and print it out! Brilliant idea! The meetings weren't too bad although there were times they could have been more interesting. I was still pleased I got my minutes to look prtty damn fab and was actually really sorry to leave that place.

I don't know whether I actually could have had a career there, and I certainly didn't like the isolation - I got on with pople but when my role was a million miles away from what they did, it made things a bit hard. However, it was great really gettingo n top of my role and I even got a fantastic write up from one of the main clients I dealt with as I streamlined the payment systems we had in place so much.

And now I'm starting to remember all of this, it's a really cool ego boost!! :)


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