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I notice that ths account still says I'm in New Zealand and out of sentiment I don't want to update it. I will, but given that I've just dusted it off as it doesn't actually seem to have been used that much since I was in New Zealand to now (January 2012) it's got sentimental meaning. I wil update it - honest!

Anyway, a bit about me... having worked for a year in New Zealand, which was amazing and I am glad I did, I found myself back in the UK and then things didn't go according to plan for a while. *Something* must have gone right as I am typing this in my own place, holding down a job in London (it has its moments but I spent most of today goign on about how much it's really not bad at all) and maintaining an active life.

The active life thing was in jeapordy last year when I was seriously ill - it turns out I have Crohn's disease, or Crohn's Colitis, enteropathis arthritis and a desire to do all I can to get out and have adventures. The getting out and having adventures part is great for managing the arthritis - I have needed to find ways to manage the Crohn's.

With all that going on, I also have interests - I *love* being a geek, and happily bliss out indulging in sci fi, I like travelling, heritage, cooking, reading, writing, singing, doing book reviews and I seem to be strangely addicted to working in offices. As I have recurring sciatica, that's not a bad thing but I wish there was more action and adventure in offices at times. As in, fun, exciting and challenging adventures, rather than bottom line scary stuff! And... I like writing fan fic. I've written less lately than I'd like, but it's good fun. As a way of unwinding I've been known to write really awful stuff... and in the past, I've been known for a whole batch of stories I wrote. They were great for getting me through a hard time in my life, and I'm glad they were enjoyed at the same time! :)

I also love waffling on... which I think this bio has proved... :)
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