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Did I seriously only ever do one post on this account? And in 2009 when I was in New Zealand?

Wow - that's a blast from the past!! Still, it's interesting being back on here after so long and I saw in my post that I wrote about going to Australia and that I hoped it was good. It turned out to be good - geeky and interesting and fun and I am very glad I went!

Intersting to read that I created this account from my office in New Zealand. I remember what it was like, too. I had quite a cool desk in an open plan office, which quite honestly reminded me of an airport. I likened it to Changi airport, because it looked that clean and fresh. I remember when I found an internet cafe to use and it was in a shopping mall just down the road from me (Lambton Quay, I think but I can't quite remember). It was quite busy in there and that day, I set up the account, ran to Wishbone to get some lunch and got myself back to my desk.

I really liked the dining area there - it had microwaves and even a hob and oven thing going on, complete with fridges, cookware and crockery. It really was pretty cool! The building was being developed in parts and on the ground floor, I could see that developments for a shop were underway.

It was a bit of a challenge from dya to day as I didn't really fit in anywhere as my job was sort of at the top and disconnected (I was a manager's PA and the manager was head of my department). Bit of a shame that. And the level I was on was termed the "green level" - at the time I had a phobia of using green stationery at work caused by something awful happening to me years ago. Recently, I started using green stationery and like it :)

I may have to reminisce some more...
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