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tlanti ([personal profile] tlanti) wrote2012-01-15 10:08 pm

More Blogging!!! (Because it's that Kind of Day)

I'm sure I have better things to do this evening than simply sit here updating this blog, but having let it gather dust for so long, it feels really good getting typing again and just letting the words flow. Admittedly I had better log off soon, as I actually have to get up for work in the morning.

I'm a bit glad I didn't drink last night, or today as I went a bit mad on Friday night and drank too much in the way of Peroni. It was a good evening, and as a result, I couldn't remember much about it on Saturday morning. I hadn't slept that well, which always does things to my memory, hence when I found meal offer vouchers I looked at them and thought "why?" then I thought "wow!"

I went to the same place on Friday, Saturday and randomly, today. I met up with someone I hadn't seen for a while, we had a few diagreements and things didn't go so well - but a lot of things happend to both of us and we were chatting and having a good laugh... it felt great!